Persuasion Masterclass with Bill Liao - SOSV Partner

Persuasion Masterclass with Bill Liao - SOSV Partner

Learn the key techniques for sales, fundraising and obtaining virtually anything your startup needs.

In the complex and high paced startup world, interactions are the key to success. When the stakes are high the need to deliver information clearly, to read the room and to build trust quickly, have never been more important. What are the tools we need to make sure first impressions count?

In this Masterclass, the entrepreneurial investor and philanthropist, Bill Liao, shares his secret weapons for getting the deal done quickly while creating a framework for long-term, trust-dependent, relationships, both in the professional space and the personal.


At the end of three hours you will:

  • Be more confident about building rapport

  • Have learned the importance of listening as well as speaking in successful negotiations

  • Have practised the last closing technique you will ever need to learn

Please, come as empty handed as possible, no notepads needed!

Registrations will run from 5:30pm to 6pm, please come on time to allow for the session to start at 6pm.

Seats are limited, if you register and are subsequently unable to attend please cancel your booking to allow someone else to attend.

In collaboration with Clustermarket and Rebelbio.