Meetup 13 - 28.03.2019

Pitch over pints series March #2

Speak up, drink up!


Kindly brought to you every month by: RebelBio, The Science Entrepreneur Club & Clustermarket. This time with with the participation of the SOSV Ops team!

Join us for a chill night of socialisation and entrepreneurship. You'll get the chance to network, get a free beer and test your pitch or entrepreneurial idea with investors. No pressure, just friendly chatting!

Are you an entrepreneur? A scientist or student with an idea? Come along and mingle with key players in the life science ecosystem.

The RebelBio team and other guest investors will be there to give you the opportunity to pitch your ideas, now matter how early. We're all more friendly after a pint!

Pitching gets easier the more practice you get, but you can just come for the fun and a taste of the ideas blossoming from within the life-science ecosystem, drinks are on us either way!

This time we'll have the SOSV Ops team as special guest, don't miss the chance to meet them and get their precious advice!

What's the format? There's no format! Just a few details:

- Spot us, the organisers wear their companies' T-Shirts

- Spot investors, they wear a green dot

- Register to get your beer token (1 beer per person)

- Just start chatting!

We look forward to seeing you there!

The teams from RebelBio, Science-Entrepreneur Club & Clustermarket

Our first Pitch over Pints meetup: