Career Event - 25.07.2019

Science entrepreneurs: exploring careers outside of academia

Many research graduates go on to pursue academic careers — but academia isn't for everyone. With less than half of PhD holders staying in academia and a wealth of industries valuing the skills acquired in a scientific education, other careers are not really “alternative” anymore. Being experimental, logical and data-focussed, many scientists find themselves on the path to entrepreneurship. But where to start?

SEC are partnering with Labstep for this event, an Oxford-borne tech startup team with first-hand expertise on transferring research skills from bench to business. 

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We are opening up the discussion, with recent and seasoned science entrepreneurs, university career officers and ex-academics working in London’s rapidly growing startup industry. Panelists will present their exciting stories, how they started and how they were able to combine science with the business world.

Other attendees will include life science accelerator RebelBio and currently hiring businesses, so shake hands and make plans.