Meetup 4 - 30.05.2018


UCL Innovation Forum presents the fourth of the S2S workshop series, focusing on the practical aspects of marketing a life sciences startup. Join us on the 30th May to learn from Tobias Wingbermuehle (Chaiman of the Science Entrepreneur Club and Co-Founder of Clustermarket) on how to effectively use the tools at your disposal to market your product. This session will focused on strategies to market life sciences products and modern tools available to the marketer; where you will then form teams and work on effectively marketing products from real life startups.


Tobias Wingbermuehle - Clustermarket

Tobias is the Co-founder and Head of the Sales & Marketing at Clustermarket. He graduated with a BSc in Sports Science and completed a Masters in International Business. He has over 5 years of experience in sales and brand management. His skills in both the world of science and business helped him to launch Clustermarket, a marketplace for scientists and technology pioneers with revolutionary ideas to find the right place to conceptualise their ideas at affordable prices.