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We’re a non-profit on a mission to build meaningful communities for entrepreneurs building in bio, investors actively backing life science companies and academics looking to break into industry.


We build meaningful communities.

Senior Care

BioFounder Club

For entrepreneurs

Building a start-up is no mean feat and the value of peer-to-peer support cannot be underestimated. So we’ve built a collaborative community exclusively for the founders and C-suite of early-stage life science companies in the UK.

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Senior Care

BioCapital Network

For investors

Investment in all shapes and sizes is fundamental to growing the life science ecosystem. So we’ve established one of the largest investor communities, dedicated to the life sciences, to facilitate the exchange of high-quality deal flow at pre-seed and beyond.

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Senior Care

BioAcademic Hub

For academics

Whether you’re an undergrad or postdoc, breaking into industry can seem daunting. So we’ve developed a collation of insights and resources to demonstrate the wealth of possible life science career options outside of academia.

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We highlight innovation.

Sector Insight
Revolutionizing NMR Access: The Bruker BioSpin Connexus Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientificresearch, access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise is pivotal forbreakthrough discoveries. Among the array of analytical techniques, NuclearMagnetic Resonance (NMR) stands out for its ability to provide detailedinsights into the structure, dynamics, and interactions of molecules. However,the challenge lies in accessing NMR instruments and specialized analyticalservices, particularly for researchers and institutions with limited resourcesor in-house expertise.Bruker BioSpin, a pioneering leader inanalytical magnetic resonance instrumentation, has introduced an innovativesolution: Connexus. Connexus serves as adigital bridge, connecting NMR scientists with laboratories equipped withstate-of-the-art instruments and expertise.

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Startup Spotlight
Pentabind: AI Enhanced Aptamers Redefining Drug Discovery

PentaBind, a biotech start-up from London, aims to drug the undruggable, targeting diseases that have long been considered beyond the reach of conventional drug discovery methods. Recognising that only 15% of the human proteome has been effectively targeted by existing drugs [2], they are pioneering a novel therapeutic approach that combines the high specificity of aptamers with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Startup Spotlight
BioMavericks: Pioneering Cancer Diagnosis with Next-Generation Sequencing Technology

In the quest to revolutionise cancer diagnosis, BioMavericks emerged amidst the COVID-19 crisis, recognizing a crucial gap in advanced sequencing methods for cancer detection. Their ground-breaking in vitro diagnostic tool, fuelled by proprietary biomarkers, with a sensitivity and specificity of over 97% promises exceptional accuracy in detecting prevalent cancers.

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We connect the life science ecosystem.

The event page is currently beeing updated - 2024 events will be added soon.

SEC Writing Programme 2024

April 24, 2024

🌟 Exciting news! The Science Entrepreneur Club is organizing our very first Science Writing Programme! Join us for three days of workshops where you'll learn cool stuff like interviewing startup folks, CEOs, founders, and investors. We'll also teach you how to write articles and tell awesome stories. Plus, you'll get the hang of editing your own work and helping others with theirs! 🚀 If you're keen on boosting your skills in science writing, this program is perfect for you! Don't miss out – come and be part of the fun and learning. See you there! 📝🔍

Camden, London

Q1 BioCapital Network Meet

March 28, 2024

Once a quarter, we host an informal drinks meet-up exclusively for members of the BioCapital Network. No professional services. No pitching companies. No students. Just investors. These sessions have no formal agenda and provide a relaxed and open forum for investors from across all areas of life sciences to develop meaningful relationships, share high-quality deal flow, open co-investment opportunities and enable discussions on the latest industry trends and challenges.



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The Science Entrepreneur Club (SEC) is a UK-based non-profit and volunteer-led organisation. Our dedicated team works tirelessly towards our mission of connecting the life science ecosystem through our initiatives, insights and events.

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We give entrepreneurs, investors and academics meaningful communities to learn, collaborate, socialise, support each other and showcase innovation. We focus on the life sciences, broadly encompassing AgriTech, ClimateTech, Digital Health, Life Science Tools and Tech, Medical Devices, TechBio and Therapeutics.

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“The programme offered excellent opportunities for meeting with experts as well as networking with founders and investors.”- Maya Thanou, Founder of Apeikon Therapeutics


“The workshops with investors were extremely helpful as they provided invaluable feedback on our business plan, approach and importantly, our pitches. We can’t overstate the importance of participating in a live pitch event before starting fundraising.”
- David Ortega, Founder of Phase Biolabs


“Most of all, I really like the fact that I am meeting great founders that are facing similar challenges as we are.”- Sofia Giampaoli, Founder of Alt Atlas