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We believe connecting investors will drive innovation

Since launching in January 2023, the BioCapital Network has grown to a community of over 200 members - every single individual is investing in UK-based life science companies. Members include representatives of over 140 unique funds and numerous Angel investors with the community’s combined assets under management totalling over £40 billion.

Why join?

Do you want a better line of sight on deals coming through the life science pipeline in the UK?

Is there space for other investors in a deal you’re participating in?

Did you pass on an exciting opportunity that wasn’t quite right for you but could be ideal for another investor?

Is one of your portfolio companies raising and requiring additional, maybe later-stage, investors?

Do you want to learn more about a particular area of life sciences?

How to become a Member?

Eligibility is simple. Our only requirements for joining the BioCapital Network are that you actively invest in the UK life science ecosystem and you meet each of the following criteria.

Please note,  you will only be accepted to the BioCapital Network if you have access to active funds for investment in life science companies. After review by our team, accepted members will be invited to join our community platform.

More info in the FAQs below.

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An international community

Members can be based anywhere in the world but they must be actively backing UK-based life science companies. In fact, we’re proud to be building an international community of investors who all recognise the strength and potential of UK life sciences.

As of Q1 2024, 30% of BioCapital Network members represent funds headquartered outside of the UK with 18% in Europe, 9% in North America and 3% in Asia - spanning a total of 20 countries.

Through joining the community, investors based outside of the UK can enhance their deal flow by gaining unparalleled access to high-quality investment opportunities in UK-based companies that are shared by other trusted BioCapital Network members.


A vibrant network of investors


Who can join?

Eligibility is simple - our only requirement is that you are an active life science investor. How we define this is outlined below.

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