Written By: Joanna Myślińska

Edited By: Natasha Barrow & Caroline Babisz

BoobyBiome, a start-up innovating the realm of infant health, is spearheading efforts to redefine neonatal care through a deep understanding of the gut microbiome. Founded by Lydia, Sioned, and Tara, they are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge science to optimise infant health outcomes, particularly focusing on premature infants.

Mission and Vision:

At the core of BoobyBiome's mission lies a profound commitment to providing every infant with a healthy gut microbiome, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of wellness. Their vision is profoundly impactful: to ensure equal access to optimal health for every new-born, regardless of socio-economic status or geographical location. BoobyBiome's founders were inspired by the alarming rise in autoimmune diseases among infants, recognising the pivotal role of the gut microbiome, particularly early on in life.

Origins and Challenges:

The genesis of BoobyBiome traces back to Lydia's PhD journey, where a casual discussion during the YES competition sparked the idea. However, the road to success had a fair share of challenges. Initial setbacks in competitions and fundraising efforts tested their commitment to the idea and balancing the demands of academia with start-up endeavours proved daunting. Yet, fuelled by their shared vision and interdisciplinary expertise, the team persevered, overcoming obstacles through sheer determination and resilience.

Innovations and Discoveries:

BoobyBiome's journey is marked by a series of ground-breaking innovations and discoveries. Their early focus on unravelling the complexities of breast milk microbiota led to the development of a revolutionary device that mimics the conditions of the infant gut, ensuring the delivery of intact microbiota from breast milk. Moreover, they recently identified key bacterial strains crucial for infant gut health. Through extensive research and collaborations, such as with Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health, BoobyBiome is pioneering precision microbiome interventions tailored to individual infants' needs, indicating a new era in neonatal care.

Future Directions:

In the short term, BoobyBiome aims to launch their innovative device to optimise breast milk storage and conduct clinical trials in neonatal care units to showcase its efficacy. Looking ahead, they are looking to expand their product line to include precision microbiome interventions, providing tailored solutions for infants that are vulnerable to specific autoimmune conditions linked to poor gut health. Additionally, they aspire to foster collaborations and partnerships to scale their impact globally, ensuring that their transformative solutions reach infants worldwide.

Impact and Advocacy:

Beyond their scientific endeavours, BoobyBiome is deeply committed to advocacy and empowerment. As three female founders in a predominantly male-dominated industry, they actively champion diversity and inclusivity, serving as role models for future generations of female innovators. Through their public engagements, podcasts, and conferences, they not only raise awareness about infant gut health but also strive to empower women in STEM fields, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity in the scientific community.

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