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The initiative seeks to establish a nexus between educational institutions and industries, with the overarching goal of imparting comprehensive insights into career prospects beyond the confines of academia.

Workshop Series

Designed to guide undergraduate and postgraudate students in developing industry-focused resume, refining personal statements, and enhancing interview preparation skills, all of which are tailored to align with industry standards. The series will feature interactive sessions, allowing students to engage in discussions, pose questions and receive constructive feedback for continuous improvement.

Tea Break Sessions

Between 3-4 speakers will be invited to share their diverse career journeys, ranging from holding positions in an industry to the development of bio-tech start-ups. Their insights will provide valuable perspectives on navigating and succeeding in various facets of the industry ecosystem.


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Resources and Insights

Senior Care
Sector Insight

Revolutionizing NMR Access: The Bruker BioSpin Connexus Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientificresearch, access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise is pivotal forbreakthrough discoveries. Among the array of analytical techniques, NuclearMagnetic Resonance (NMR) stands out for its ability to provide detailedinsights into the structure, dynamics, and interactions of molecules. However,the challenge lies in accessing NMR instruments and specialized analyticalservices, particularly for researchers and institutions with limited resourcesor in-house expertise.Bruker BioSpin, a pioneering leader inanalytical magnetic resonance instrumentation, has introduced an innovativesolution: Connexus. Connexus serves as adigital bridge, connecting NMR scientists with laboratories equipped withstate-of-the-art instruments and expertise.

July 1, 2024

Senior Care
Sector Insight

Biomaterials: Are they the answer to our sustainability issues?

Whilst biomaterials are entering an exciting era within regenerative medicine, it has become clear the translation of principles across industries has opened the door for biomaterials to heal the planet. In this article we showcase creative interpretations of a biomaterial and their range of potential applications in a strive towards more sustainable products. 

Senior Author

Ariyana Rayatt

July 11, 2024

Senior Care
Startup Spotlight

Forge Genetics: Cutting through the genetic engineering patent thicket.

Companies looking to get innovative biology to patients around the world need to be aware that it takes a 360-degree view of the intellectual property requirements, and in the case of CRISPR this landscape is becoming more and more convoluted, with companies scrambling to renegotiate licensing laws for GMOs to use in research and industry. Taken together, this points towards an opportunity for Forge Genetics to position themselves perfectly, to create a novel, gold-standard gene-editing technology, supporting innovation throughout the global biotechnology industry.

Senior Author

Aonghus Topham

July 11, 2024


Choosing us means choosing a trusted partner

Apr 25

Senior Care

Biomaterials investor-founder dinner

From design of synthetic peptides to carbon-sequestering concrete, to sustainable fashion biomaterials are booming in today's market. Our mixer dinners offer unique opportunities for start-ups and investors alike.

May 14

Senior Care

Cell and Gene therapy Investor-Founder Dinner

Now firmly established in laboratories around the world, gene editing and it's reaching impact throughout Biotech depends on fresh, innovative companies to keep this momentum and create novel therapeutic avenues. Our mixer dinners offer unique opportunities for start-ups and investors alike.


Jul 3

Senior Care

Women in BioCapital, Launch Dinner

We're changing the status quo of low female representation in Venture Capital through our in-house community of women investors in the life sciences across the UK and beyond.


Jun 10

Senior Care

AI x Bio TechDrinks (co-hosted with Next Sequence)

Join us and our partner Next Sequence at London Tech Week for a combined event between BioCapital Network and the BioFounder Club focusing on all things AI within Biotech.