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Through our active community platform and regular events, we facilitate meaningful connections between life science entrepreneurs and provide unique opportunities for members to advance and develop their companies.


Community Platform

All members of the BioFounder Club are invited to join our WhatsApp community platform. Our platform is a safe space where we actively discuss common hardships, debate industry news, share interesting opportunities and leverage collective experience and expertise - all with the aim of supporting each other and advancing the community together.

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Quarterly Meets

Once a quarter, all members are invited to an exclusive but informal meet. Our approach is centred around creating a relaxed, safe and supportive environment for members to get to know each other, discuss challenges, share advice and let their hair down. No professional services. No students. No investors. Just those special people building in bio.

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Investor Access

Through our BioCapital Network, we provide BioFounder Club members with unparalleled access to the UK's largest network of life science investors. We regularly host investor office hours, sector-specific Investor-Founder Dinners, demo days and the opportunity to share a deck with the whole BioCapital Network.

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Innovators Club

Once a year, we run a free 10-week network accelerator programme designed for pre-seed companies in the BioFounder Club. Alongside a series of expert-led workshops on essential start-up topics, the programme also includes 1-to-1 investor sessions, a bespoke published Startup Spotlight and the opportunity to pitch to the BioCapital Network.

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Featured Content

We give BioFounder Club members a platform to showcase their innovation by providing the opportunity to feature in our Sector Insights and Startup Spotlights, expertly pulled together by our Science Writers and then shared to the SEC's international community and following of over 5,000 individuals including entrepreneurs, investors, and industry players.

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Investment Readiness Workshops

We believe that actual investors are best-placed to advise start-ups on what they need to be investment-ready because after all, they're the ones with the cash!  So, our workshops are delivered by BioCapital Network members who share their inside knowledge on what makes an investor tick and best practices when fundraising.

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“Most of all, I really like the fact that I am meeting great founders that are facing similar challenges as we are.”

Sofia Giampaoli

Founder of Alt Atlas

“The workshops with investors were extremely helpful as they provided invaluable feedback on our business plan, approach and importantly, our pitches. We can’t overstate the importance of participating in a live pitch event before starting fundraising.”

David Ortega,

Founder of Phase Biolabs

“The programme offered excellent opportunities for meeting with experts as well as networking with founders and investors.”

Maya Thanou

Founder of Apeikon Therapeutics